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Amtico LVT gives you all the benefits of natural wood flooring, including a beautiful wood-like finish, with none of the associated problems including scratching and wear-and-tear. Discover a more durable and stable flooring option for your home or project.

Wood flooring is seen as one of the most favourable choices for homeowners because it is timeless and classic. However, wood flooring generally requires more maintenance such as sanding, refinishing, and staining. Alongside this, wood flooring requires specialised cleaning materials, including cleaning solutions designed for wood, and soft-head mops.

If you want the beautiful style and finish of wooden flooring in your home or project but you do not want the hassle of maintaining a wooden floor, LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) offers an alternative solution. LVT replicatesthe look of natural timber, stone and ceramic tile materials, yet it provides an easy maintenance approach. Investing in a wooden LVT finish, rather than a natural wood floor, provides an authentic, durable wooden look floor with a lower level of maintenance.

LVT works in all kinds of spaces from high-traffic kitchens and entry ways to family rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. It looks beautiful in large open plan spaces as well as more compact areas. Amtico’s range of flooring, including a broad range of wood floor finish options, offers our customers outstanding quality flooring in a varietyof textures, colours, and styles.

Durable and versatile

With LVT, you don'thave to worry about how cold or warm the weather outside is; no need to invest in underfloor heating. Amtico’s wood floor and other finish luxury vinyl tiles feel pleasant underfoot whatever the weather.

Our wood floor LVT is durable and easy to clean. With natural wood floor spills can cause damage and staining, but with a luxury vinyl tile product spills are easily wiped away without causing long term issues.

LVT gives you high-quality floors making it an excellent way to achieve the beauty and sophistication your home or project deserves. You will have something that looks and feels like wood, without all the associated issues and higher cost.

In addition, Amtico offers generous Commercial warranties for each collection.

The many benefits of LVT wood flooring

Most people want the look of wood in many areas of their home or commercial environment. It helps to add a touch of class, beauty, warmth and tranquillity. However, wood is extremely hard to care for, especially in a country where the weather can be so changeable.

With Amtico LVT, you can still get all the benefits of wood without the issues associated with them. You will have a durable floor that works well for heavy-traffic areas. It can be used in any room in the house as it won't dent, scratch or wear quickly.

Advantages of picking an LVT floor, over a natural floor, include:

  • Luxurious finish with an authentic look and feel
  • Ability to seamlessly cover spaces large and small
  • A very broad range of finishes, designs and styles to choose from
  • Flexible and versatile inadapting design styles and layouts
  • Outstanding durability
  • Easy installation
  • Stain resistance

In choosing a high-quality wood floor finish LVT, many people would not be able to tell the difference from a natural wood floor, making it a cost-effective alternative to hardwood.

Look and style

At Amtico, we understand that you want a beautiful commercial or residential environment, from floor to ceiling.

Natural wood floor can be limiting because of the variations available. natural designs are not highly adaptable which can make it difficult to put your unique stamp on the project.

While it can come in many qualities, styles, and colours, wood can also be more expensive than luxury vinyl wood planks, which will already include the additional formats that have to be purchased for the hardwood varieties.

Its also worth noting that newer technology makes it tougher to distinguish between LVT and hardwood. With manufacturing and photography techniques, LVT can offer layer texturization, meaning that the planks look and feel like wood.

Luxury vinyl can sidestep all the issues of natural wood floor. It uses a high-tech photographic image layer which goes between the clear layer and backing to create a wood finish effect.

With the complex editing and manipulation possible with our latest technology, designers are able to photograph the wood type and translate it into a highly realistic product. This also creates more uniformity across the finish and can subsequently translate to lower costs.

Durability and stability

Before we discuss the stability and durability of hardwood against LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile), it is important that we define those terms. They are often used interchangeably but they do mean different things.

Durability means the hardness of the floor, especially the top layer. When we refer to durability, we mean that it can take harder, and more frequent, use without denting or scratching.

Stability is determined by the thickness of the piece or layers, as well as the quality of materials used. When we refer to stability, we mean that it will hold its size/shape, even from moisture and climate changes.

Hardwood is seemingly durable and stable, but in fact is not without additional effort. To keep hardwood looking and feeling greatrequires a good level of care and maintenance. Wood is a porous material and as such it is more susceptible to climate change and liquid. This makes it unsuitable for bathrooms and kitchens, however, a wood effect LVT can be used anywhere in the house or office. Hardwood can be durable, but it requires more work to keep it that way.

As a synthetic material, luxury vinyl floor is naturally resistant to climate and moisture. LVT can also be made with a multi-directional base layer using a hot-press method, which gives it a memory enabling it to remain straight and repel moisture. The planks are also extremely hard and durable. To back this up Amtico provide long lasting warranties. Often, these products outlast their warranty, meaning they could very well be a lifetime purchase.


Sustainability and environment is a concern for all and something we at Amtico work hard towards supporting. Even though hardwood is a natural material, which means it can reproduce itself given enough time, deforestation has led to the destruction of many trees. Replanting and regrowing the forests is nearly impossible, especially at the rate needed to continuously have trees to cut while maintaining the ecosystem. Even though vinyl is a synthetic material, it is recyclable and can be made using recycled content. It uses salt, an abundant resource, as one of its main components. It reduces the need for further deforestation specifically for the purpose of creating natural wood flooring.


Natural wood options can be used in commercial and residential places, but you must consider the constant upkeep they will require. Because natural wood utilises a polyurethane coating, it can wear easily and will need to have the layer removed and replaced. With the regular traffic seen in corporate, office and retail settings, you would be spending a lot of money and time to maintain it. Likewise, it may not be hygienic or durable and can stain or warp easily.

LVT, on the other hand, is a better solution for your next flooring project. It is resilient to moisture and can be used in almost any commercial or home area, even kitchens and bathrooms, where humidity and moisture are more common. Now, you aren't limited in commercial settings to laminate or vinyl tiles, allowing you to create a warm and calming space in hospitals, retail centres and shops, restaurants and more.

Long-Term Value

When considering your flooring solution, luxury vinyl tile can offer a more cost effective route than natural wood floor both in terms of buying the materials and installation. Alongside this longer term considerations are costs to maintain and cleaning products for your floor, where again luxury vinyl tile can offer better value for money.


The Amtico range of luxury vinyl tile offers a number of beautifully designed collections to select from. Alongside this Amtico design motifs, borders and stripping options, allowing endless customisation features.

You can create a focal point on the floor, add definition, style and sophistication, all while keeping the same product and tone. Stripping can come in a variety of sizes, from an extremely thin line to a wider, broader line. Place it along the floor, or near the base to create a beautiful border.

Motifs can range from circles to squares, zig-zags, stars and more, allowing you to place it wherever you want. For example, if you have a room focal point or feature, you can put a motif on the floor where it will sit, creating a striking contrast. Likewise, you can place multiple motifs to create a bolder style or just one to create a central feature within the room. In addition, borders can be used almost anywhere, creating lines of ovals, leaves, arches, or other stylish design features.

Styles and options

Amtico offers an unrivalled choice of flooring options, allowing you to effortlessly introduce colour and pattern to your home.

The Amtico Signature collection offers premium wood, abstract and stone designs, all with a total thickness of 2.5mm. This collection also has extra durability, with a 1mm wear layer, and can come with a lifetime warranty for residential applications, giving you peace of mind.

Amtico Spacia is an accessible collection of hard-wearing flooring, creating outstanding visual appeal with exceptional performance. The Spacia collection will provide you with a stylish floor that stands the test of time.

The Amtico Click collection is an easy-fit and performance flooring that does not require adhesive. It simply clicks into place giving you a seamless floor with simple installation.

Likewise, the Access collection can improve the acoustics of the room, while the Signature 36+ collection offers slip resistance and more safety and security while walking across the floor. These collections are available to commercial customers.

Why choose Amtico LVT?

Natural wood, while beautiful, does not present a practical choice for many commercial business and homeowners.

Natural wood floor needs to be polished every three or four years to maintain its finish in high-traffic areas. In addition, natural wood is more prone to termite attacks and has to be maintained and checked periodically for termite infestations.

If water seeps into the wood, the floor could be damaged completely. Therefore, for those looking for a solution for their kitchen, if you regularly splash the dishwater or bathwater and it ends up on the floor, you'll have to wipe it up immediately so it doesn't stain or damage the wood.

Natural wood also requires specialised cleaning products. Using regular cleaning products can wear down the polish and finish. You may also need to invest in specialist cleaning tools to ensure you do not damage the surface of your wood floor.

In commercial spaces, heavy footfall and shoes can cause scratching, especially over time.

And in the home pets with long nails can scratch wood flooring easily. Heeled shoes could damage your floor simply by walking across it.

The advantages of LVT

The look of wood can give a rich tone to the interior and can also make it warmer, without the associated issues of natural wood. LVT may last a lifetime, even with little maintenance. You can still have the character and graining effect of hardwood with luxury vinyl tile flooring. It is also water-resistant and can be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens.


The foundation of Amtico LVT comes from advanced photographic technologies that replicate real stones and hardwood. Five layers are fused together to create the finished product. The tile is constructed from a flexible vinyl backing at the base, a vinyl colour layer and then a photographic film layer. The top layers is a particulate slip enhanced urethane layer.

Having selected your tile, you can choose additional design options such as motifs and borders to create an eye-catching effect anywhere you wish.


Amtico LVT offers a wide variety of features, including:

  • Water resistance
  • Various sizes and shapes
  • Multiple safety features
  • 100 percent vinyl material made to look like natural wood
  • Realistic look and style
  • Dent, scuff, stain, and scratch resistant
  • Durable and resilient

Because it is one hundred percent vinyl and recyclable, LVT satisfies green building standards and, where it is used in commercial developments, can help earn LEED points.

In addition, Amtico flooring meets or exceeds all the requirements for commercial use, including flammability codes, slip resistant requirements and other regulatory needs.

Cleaning and maintenance is substantially easier with a luxury vinyl tile floor. Our floors are easily and quickly cleaned using one of our supporting cleaning products, and we offer a wider range of cleaning products to keep your Amtico floor beautiful in the long term.

Amtico’s luxury vinyl tile products can also help keep energy costs lower because it feels warmer underfoot in your home. If you are considering extending or updating your home, and thinking about a wood or stone floor, then Amtico’s wood and stone effect floors offer the same beautiful, stylish finish without the need for expensive underfloor heating. Our wood and stone effect flooring is also more resilient, meaning you can stand on it for longer without your feet aching, making it a more enjoyable and practical option for the whole family.

Essential overview

To recap Amtico luxury vinyl tile comes in a broad and adaptable range of beautiful collections and design styles. Our flooring is durable and has extensive customisation options. It is created to replicate natural materials so closely that it is hard to distinguish from real natural wood, and can in fact deliver a more consistent looking finish across your floor.

Luxury vinyl tile requires less upkeep than hardwoods and can withstand climate and moisture better. As such, it can be used in almost any application, from high-traffic areas to bathrooms. Whether you own a business or are consider a new wood floor for spaces within your home, luxury vinyl tile is safe and practice for everyone. It is easy to clean, has environmental benefit and can be adapted for a great variety of uses.

Key Statistics

Vinyl flooring comes in many categories and subcategories, and LVT is one of them. Likewise, almost 754 million pounds, or 43 percent, is spent on this subcategory alone because it is user-friendly, can be installed quickly, and can be used in almost any location.

Many more people are considering LVT in their bedrooms and living spaces because it can bring comfort and warmth to a room, and can match almost any decor. As such, you do not need to change the entire scheme of the room, including colours, decorations, and furniture, to use this flooring option.

Understanding the difference between luxury vinyl tile and hardwood floors is the first step to determining what is best for your home and needs.

You can browse our range of wood flooring effect luxury vinyl tiles by visiting our product search, which introduces our collections for home and for commercial use.

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