The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (2023)

Do you sometimes feel like eating something light, healthy yet something mouthwateringly delicious after a few nights of heavy binging on cheesy, calorie bomb meals? Are you on a clean lifestyle diet and looking for some light meal ideas that you can whip up in few minutes? Then you have all come to the right place!

We have compiled this amazing list of Light Dinner Ideas just for you. There are many options that you can make, from chicken, to fish, to shrimp or even go meatless and still end up with a cracker awesome meal.

Eating healthy during those busy weeknights really doesn’t have to be hard. All of these light dinner options can actually be easy and fun for anyone to enjoy.

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (1)

Go through all and we are sure they will become your constant companions. We believe that light and healthy don’t have to be bland and boring… Period!

1. Farro Salad with Roasted Vegetables

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (2)

We’re starting this list with something easy, quick, light and extremely delicious. You will love this Farro Salad with Roasted Vegetables recipe! It’s so refreshing, a perfect alternative to those summer burgers.. Perfect light dinner recipe for busy weeknights.

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2. Thai Basil Chicken

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (3)

Are you looking for a really, really fast meal that’s really, really tasty and at the same time light as well? Not only is this Thai Basil Chicken, AKA Pad Krapow Gai, bursting with flavor, you can whip it up in 15 minutes or less.

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3. Shrimp Remoulade Cups

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (4)

Shrimp remoulade is New Orleans classic. These lettuce cups are adorned with plump succulent shrimp, tossed generously with my favorite Louisiana style remoulade. Accompany it with some boiled eggs, olives and avocado and it could be your everyday salad for light lunch or dinner option.

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4. Greek Chicken Souvlaki

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (5)

The Mediterranean diet is so refreshing, light and healthy. These flavorful Greek Chicken Kabobs are marinated with zesty lemon juice, garlic and fresh herbs and served with delicious homemade tzatziki dipping sauce! Light dinners could be so flavorful and interesting when you try different world cuisines.

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5. Fasolada (Greek White Bean Soup)

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (6)

If you’re looking for vegetarian option for meatless night, try this Greek white bean soup. It’s amazingly jam packed flavors. Even with a big bowlful, you will feel great knowing you’re eating something healthy.

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6. Chicken Provençal

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (7)

This light and delicious baked chicken is the way to go for something to cook with chicken thighs. Beautiful golden brown chicken braised in white wine, nestled between eye catching green and black olives, plump cherry tomatoes, oh-so French shallots, tangy capers along with plenty of garlic and herbs. Absolutely delicious.

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7. Moroccan Lentil Soup

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (8)

Give your regular lentils an exotic makeover with this delectable soup. The warm and flavorful combination of Moroccan spices will forever change your idea of a bowl of lentils. Great for making a huge batch and saving it for leftover lunches.

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8. Chicken Lettuce Wraps

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (9)

There is nothing as light and tasty as lettuce wraps. They are a huge favorites to so many. These super quick chicken lettuce wraps are inspired by P.F.Chang. They are bursting with flavors in every single bite and adorned by a delicious peanut sauce.

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9. Grilled Chicken Cobb Salad with Honey Dijon

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (10)

This grilled chicken Cobb salad is packed with all the goodies! Perfectly seasoned grilled chicken, crispy bacon, sliced eggs and avocado plus an easy and delicious honey dijon dressing that’s ready in under a minute! This Cobb salad makes a healthy, hearty and great lunch or light dinner.

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10. Ground Turkey Stir Fry

Ground Turkey Stir Fry –So, who is ready for the easiest weeknight dinner ever? It’s easy, super fast, sneaks in loads of veggies, and is made with leanest protein out there… You guessed it right.. Turkey it is..Healthy looks so colorful!

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11. Chicken Buddha Bowl

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (12)

Need a healthy meal to wash away those summer hamburgers and ice cream cones? Try this light and tasty Buddha Bowl. In case you haven’t heard, Buddha Bowls are the big thing now!

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12. Greek Steak Salad

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (13)

Imagine crunchy veggies… tender steak… chewy grains… salty olives… creamy feta… all in one big bowl! That’s my Greek Steak Salad Bowl! Packed with colorful, crunchy veggies, protein, whole grain, and yummy feta cheese, this Greek Steak Salad Bowl is sure to leave you satisfied!

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13. Shrimp Foil Packets with Summer Veggies

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (14)

These Shrimp Foil Packets are a delicious, healthy-ish, light meal with all your favorite summer veggies. Ready in just 12 minutes on your grill, campfire or even in the oven, this is great meal prep for all your future camp outs, Sunday cookouts, or simply great weeknight dinners.

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14. Asian Chicken Salad

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (15)

Now look at this platter… Doesn’t it shout out fresh, light and delicious? Its loaded with perfectly juicy, tender teriyaki chicken and the most amazing peanut dressing ever along with romaine lettuce, shredded cabbage, carrots, cashews, cilantro, green onions, chow mein noodles and mandarin oranges! Simply WOW.

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15. Firecracker Salmon

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (16)

ThisFirecracker Salmonis a super easy and super delish meal that must become part of your rotation. It has an amazing Asian sauce and whips up in about 20 minutes.

If you’re looking for a new recipe to really jazz up your salmon, this is it! It’s salty, it’s sweet, and it’s a little bit spicy! Firecracker salmon just may become one of your new go-to recipes.

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16. Chicken Noodle Soup

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (17)

Homemade chicken noodle soup loaded with vegetables and a delicious broth made from scratch! One pot…one soup! A homemade easy to make Chicken Noodle Soup is perfect for any day of the week! With the broth made from scratch in under an hour, you will be craving this often! Healthy, low calorie and filling with incredible flavors!

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17. Shrimp and Avocado Salad

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (18)

This tastes just like shrimp tacos in salad form! Loaded with tomatoes, corn, black beans, cilantro, avocado and crushed tortilla chips with the very best cilantro lime dressing ever! Great light dinner idea.

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18. Thai Cashew Chicken

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (19)

Give your stir fry night a new twist with this Thai Cashew Chicken. It’s an easy dish that’s bursting with layers of flavor and texture. Just a little chopping, mix up a sauce, and a quick stir fry is all the effort needed to put this tasty and nutritious dinner on the table. Sounds like a great weeknight light dinner option!

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19. Pan Seared Salmon with Spinach

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (20)

This pan just shouts healthy. Pan-Seared Salmon with Spinach is an easyMediterraneanstyle dinner. Your family will love all the veggies!Ready in 30 minutes. This recipe is gluten-free, high in protein and low in calories.

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20. Sheet Pan Mediterranean Shrimp

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (21)

This 10-minute Sheet Pan Mediterranean Shrimp recipe is easy, quick and effortless. Perfect for a weeknight dinner or a weekend gathering. This recipe is vibrant and flavorful.

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21. Garlic Lemon Herb Chicken and Potatoes

Garlic lemon herb Mediterranean chicken and potatoes, all made in the one panfor an easy weeknight dinner the whole family will love!

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22. Rainbow Pasta Salad

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (23)

Quick, easy, and very colorful.This pasta salad is your answer if you want to keep your dinner simple. You can mix and match with any protein you have. Make a big batch, it’s a great meal prep contender.

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23. Hunan Shrimp

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (24)

These fiery Hunan shrimp are super quick and super tasty. Don’t worry, you can always adjust the heat level if you’re not as spicy as me! If you have some jumbo shrimp and are craving a seafood with Asian flavors, try this great recipe.

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24. Mediterranean Zucchini Boats

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (25)

These Mediterranean Zucchini Boats are stuffed with herb seasoned ground beef and garnished with cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and feta. They’re a light and fresh version of this low carb favorite.

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25. Sheet Pan Maple Dijon Glazed Salmon

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (26)

Sheet Pan Maple Dijon Glazed Salmon with roasted asparagus and tender seasoned potatoes make the perfect weeknight dinner. It’s easily made all in one pan in just 30 minutes! SO much flavor!!

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26. Pesto Bruschetta Chicken

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (27)

This gorgeous dish highlights two summer favorites: fresh basil and vine ripe tomatoes! It’s a great keto meal prep option, only 10 minutes of prep time and then your trusty old oven does the rest!

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27. Mediterranean Greek Power Bowl

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (28)

These Mediterranean Greek Power Bowls aresuper healthy and flavorful. This is an energizing meal to enjoy any night of the week! It’s packed withtons of proteinwith Greek turkey or chicken meatballs, quinoa, and a Mediterranean Greek yogurt sauce that’s to die for!

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28. Thai Sweet Chili Chicken Buddha Bowl

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (29)

For these sweet chili chicken bowls, there is base of quinoa with massaged kale, beans sprouts, carrots, cabbage, bell peppers, pineapple and chicken with sweet chili dressing. Yum! That sweet chili dressing goes so magically well with the juicy pineapple and bell peppers creating an amazing meal that is light, healthy and satisfying!

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29. Sriracha Shredded Chicken Tacos

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (30)

Sriracha Shredded Chicken Tacos will put a pep in your step on any day. Delicious, crunchy, wholesome, with a hint of Sriracha spicy goodness. A little bit of feta to top it off and we have ourselves a super easy, quick, and healthy weeknight meal!

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30. Sheet Pan Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (31)

If you’re looking for a heathy and easychicken, sweet potato and broccolirecipe, you’ve come to the right place! This super flavorfulSheet Pan Chicken and Sweet Potatoesis roasted with broccoli, apples, red onion and glazed with apple cider! Is your mouth watering yet?

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31. Spicy Tuna Avocado Wrap

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (32)
The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (33)

Another fun and light dinner recipe! These delicious Spicy Tuna Avocado Wraps are fresh, full of flavor and only take about 5 minutes to make! Tuna doesn’t have to be lathered in mayo to taste good either, this recipe simply calls for avocado, chopped veggies and of course some added SPICE!

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32. Cauliflower Peas Masala

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (34)

Indian cuisine has so many healthy and tasty way to eat vegetables. This Cauliflower Peas Masala is a classic example of homestyle Indian vegetables. Simple, tasty and healthy. Try this dish and experience the flavors of an everyday Indian household!

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33. Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (35)

Sweet, Savory, Sticky, Saucy… Meet your new favorite meal prep option. This baked honey mustard chicken only takes 10 minutes of your time, the oven does the rest! Serve it over brown rice, quinoa or any of your favorite grains.

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34. Healthy Taco Salad

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (36)

ThisHealthy Taco Saladis perfect for taco night. You can feel great finishing off this for nutritious lunches and dinners. From the juicy meat, to the Southwest spices, to all Mexican toppings, this Mexican-inspired recipe has it all, even the tortilla crunch! YUUUMMM…Healthy can be light and super addictive..

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35. Cajun Shrimp Tacos

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (37)

We are rounding up this list with theseCajun Shrimp Tacoswith Mango Salsa. They are the easiest, most succulent shrimp tacos paired with a bright and flavorful homemade mango salsa. Ready in only15 minutes, these tacos are fresh, simple and satisfying!

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Don’t they all look fantastic? Now all you need to do is come back to these simple, yet delicious light meals whenever you want to go easy after some heavy feasts. Save this page by either pinning or bookmarking it in your favorite food folder.

As said earlier, healthy doesn’t have to be bland and boring. Have fun and feel light after a plateful of any of these super duper delicious dinners…

The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (38)

Yield: 6 servings

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 30 minutes

This collection greatLight Dinner Ideaswill give you plenty of options when you crave an easy and healthy dinner.


  • lean protein
  • veggies
  • grains
  • seasonings


  1. Choose a recipe that looks tasty. Try something you haven't had before, it's fun to experiment!
  2. Make a shopping list and buy the ingredients.
  3. Cook your new favoriteLight Dinner Recipe!


  1. Let me know which recipes you try, I love hearing from you!

Did you make this recipe?

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The 35 BEST Light Dinner Ideas (39)

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    What is a light supper? ›

    variable noun. Some people refer to the main meal eaten in the early part of the evening as supper.

    What should I eat if I get hungry at night? ›

    Whole, minimally processed foods like berries, kiwis, goji berries, edamame, pistachios, oatmeal, plain yogurt and eggs make easy, tasty and healthy late-night snacks. Many of these foods even contain sleep-supportive compounds, including tryptophan, serotonin, melatonin, magnesium and calcium.

    What should I eat for dinner at night? ›

    13 Simple Dinners to Cook Up Better Sleep
    • Veggie Marinara + Pasta. Photo courtesy of Bare Feet in the Kitchen. ...
    • Seared Cod + Kale Orzo. Photo courtesy of Bigstockphoto. ...
    • Taco Rice Bowls. ...
    • Deli Turkey Wrap. ...
    • Roasted Salmon + Veggies. ...
    • Turkey Burgers + Sweet Potatoes. ...
    • Grilled Cheese + Tomato Soup. ...
    • Quinoa Salad + Walnuts.
    20 Aug 2022

    What do doctors consider a light meal? ›

    You may eat light solid foods up to 6 hours before your scheduled arrival time. A light meal is: juice or coffee with milk or cream. 1 piece of toast or 1 bowl of oatmeal or hot cereal.

    What are some light foods? ›

    A few examples of light foods are lettuce, spinach, and other leafy greens, broccoli, tomato, beetroot, carrot, sweet potato, cucumber, eggplant, scallions, and other seasonal vegetables, semolina, wheat pasta, wheat noodles, skinless chicken, fish, eggs, mushrooms, legumes, buckwheat, sorghum, quinoa, millets, brown ...

    What is light food for stomach? ›

    Bland carbohydrates like rice, oatmeal, crackers and toast are often recommended for people suffering from upset stomachs.

    Can't be bothered dinner ideas? ›

    Collection: Dinners to make when you really can't be bothered making dinner
    • Baked Eggplant with Warm Chickpeas and Yoghurt. ...
    • Speedy Pita Zucchini Pizzas. ...
    • Steak Tacos with Charred Pineapple Salsa. ...
    • Veracruz-style Baked Fish. ...
    • Hearty Vegetable Curry. ...
    • Market Fish with Chana Masala. ...
    • Kimchi Rice with Honey Miso Torn Tofu.

    What to cook when you dont know what to cook? ›

    1. Chicken & Veggie Stir-fry. Pin. ...
    2. Oven-Baked French Bread Pizzas. ...
    3. Easy Butter Chicken. ...
    4. Upgraded Ramen. ...
    5. Easy Chicken Alfredo Penne. ...
    6. Meal Prep Pesto Chicken & Veggies. ...
    7. Black Bean–Stuffed Sweet Potatoes. ...
    8. Easiest One-Pot Beef with Broccoli.
    4 Mar 2022

    What to cook when you're too tired to cook? ›

    Meal Ideas For When You're Just Too Tired To Cook
    1. Whole Grain Bowls. ...
    2. Burritos/Wraps. ...
    3. Tuna. ...
    4. English Muffin Pizza. ...
    5. Avocado On Toast. ...
    6. Breakfast For Dinner. ...
    7. Quesadillas. ...
    8. Mac & Cheese With Greek Yogurt.
    13 Nov 2015

    What should I eat when nothing sounds appetizing? ›

    • Homemade queso + chips.
    • Popcorn. ...
    • Eggs on or with toast.
    • Omelet – very accommodating to whatever you might have in the fridge!
    • Grilled cheese and soup. ...
    • Cereal. ...
    • One skillet meals like rice, chicken and veggies.
    • Pesto pasta.
    27 May 2020

    What should I make for dinner if I dont have anything? ›

    Meals You Should Make When You Have "Nothing" In The House
    1. Scrambled eggs. Susan Olayinka/Mashed. ...
    2. Tuna casserole. Kristen Carli/Mashed. ...
    3. Rice and beans. Kristen Carli/Mashed. ...
    4. Meatball pasta bake. Kristen Carli/Mashed. ...
    5. Avocado toast. Maren Epstein/Mashed. ...
    6. Refried beans. Maren Epstein/Mashed. ...
    7. Salmon patties. ...
    8. Tuna salad.
    21 Jun 2021

    What to Eat When You dont want to? ›

    But what should you do when you are not hungry but need to eat? You should really be looking for foods which are rich in protein and high in calories. Lean meats, dairy, eggs, cereal and many other healthy foods will be a nice choice. Your menu is up to you, you can choose the foods that you like most of all.

    What can I eat before bed to burn belly fat? ›

    Best Foods to Eat Before Bed for Weight Loss
    • Whey Protein Shake. First and foremost, protein is important for weight loss - whey protein included! ...
    • A Warm Bowl of Oatmeal. ...
    • Greek Yogurt with Berries or Cherries. ...
    • Half a Turkey Sandwich. ...
    • Egg Wrap. ...
    • Smoked Salmon Bagel. ...
    • Cottage Cheese and Fruit.

    What can I eat after 8pm for weight loss? ›

    Healthy snacks you can eat after 8pm that won't lead to weight-gain and will still satisfy your late night cravings:
    • 1) Popcorn. Popcorn is both delicious, and healthier than other foods. ...
    • 2) Avocado. ...
    • 3) Bananas. ...
    • 4) Greek yoghurt. ...
    • 5) Dark chocolate. ...
    • 6) Cereal. ...
    • 7) Hummus. ...
    • 8) Blueberries.

    What should I do before bed to lose weight? ›

    6 bedtime drinks that can boost weight loss overnight
    • Greek yogurt protein shake. As noted above, having protein before bed—especially if you've worked out beforehand—helps stimulate the repair and rebuilding of muscle (muscle protein synthesis) while you sleep. ...
    • Chamomile tea. ...
    • Red wine. ...
    • Kefir. ...
    • Soy-based protein shake. ...
    • Water.

    What is the healthiest evening meal? ›

    Best healthy dinner recipes
    • Vegan fajita bowl with cauli rice. ...
    • Thai green tofu curry. ...
    • Keto chilli con carne. ...
    • Butternut squash soup. ...
    • Spinach, chickpea and potato curry. ...
    • Roast sweet potato, chipotle and orange soup with paprika seeds. ...
    • Healthy spinach omelette. ...
    • Healthy fried rice.
    18 Jul 2022

    What is the best time to eat dinner before bed? ›

    The ideal time to eat dinner appears to align with your circadian rhythm and allow your body time to adequately digest food before laying down for sleep. This typically means eating dinner at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime. It may be especially helpful for people who want to: lose weight.

    Should you go to bed hungry? ›

    Going to bed hungry can be safe as long as you're eating a well-balanced diet throughout the day. Avoiding late-night snacks or meals can actually help avoid weight gain and an increased BMI. If you're so hungry that you can't go to bed, you can eat foods that are easy to digest and promote sleep.

    What is considered a light dinner before surgery? ›

    Light solid foods: 6 hours

    You may eat light solid foods up to 6 hours before your scheduled arrival time. A light meal is: juice or coffee with milk or cream. 1 piece of toast or 1 bowl of oatmeal or hot cereal.

    What should we eat in dinner to lose weight? ›

    So, we've curated a list of seven weight-loss foods that you can eat for dinner:
    • Soup. You can never go wrong with soup. ...
    • A bowlful of salad. When it comes to salad, you have unlimited options. ...
    • Idli. We're not talking about white rice idlis here. ...
    • Grilled chicken or fish. ...
    • Quinoa. ...
    • Cottage cheese. ...
    • A bowl of lentils.
    25 Aug 2020

    What foods are light on the stomach? ›

    This article looks at 11 easy-to-digest foods that may help.
    • Toast. Share on Pinterest Toasting bread breaks down some of its carbohydrates. ...
    • White rice. Rice is a good source of energy and protein, but not all grains are easy to digest. ...
    • Bananas. ...
    • Applesauce. ...
    • Eggs. ...
    • Sweet potatoes. ...
    • Chicken. ...
    • Salmon.

    What are some light foods? ›

    Pack the Pantry
    • Fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables.
    • Limit juice to 1 cup of 100% juice a day and eliminate sugary drinks.
    • Lean meats.
    • Whole grain breads, pastas and brown rice.
    • Skim milk.
    • Nuts.
    • Light or non-fat yogurt.

    What foods should you avoid the day before surgery? ›

    Don't eat anything that is high in fiber for at least 24 hours prior to surgery. This includes fruits and vegetables.
    Even if you are not known to be allergic to these, you should avoid any potentially allergenic foods, such as:
    • Peanuts.
    • Eggs.
    • Nuts.
    • Milk.
    • Fish and shellfish.
    • Soy or wheat products.
    13 Aug 2014

    What is the best thing to eat the day before surgery? ›

    It is recommended to maintain a clear liquid diet the day before the surgery, here are some of the liquids allowed:
    • Water.
    • Clear broths (chicken or beef)
    • Juices (apple or cider)
    • White grape juice.
    • Tea (with no milk or honey)
    • Coffee (no milk or creamer)
    • Jell-O (without fruit/no red Jell-O)
    • Popsicles (without fruit/cream)
    21 Dec 2019

    What is the best meal to have the night before surgery? ›

    The best meals before surgery will include a balance of lean protein, unprocessed carbohydrates, vegetables, and healthy (mainly plant-based) fats. Lean protein sources could include eggs, chicken, and fish. You can add a range of healthy carbohydrates like bananas, buckwheat, quinoa, sweet potatoes, and more.


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