Short Path Distillery in Everett, MA (2023)


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71 Kelvin St, Everett, MA, 02149

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Local time (Everett) 02:02 Thursday, 2 February 2023

Business hours

Friday5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Saturday12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sunday1:00 pm – 6:00 pm



Craft and small batch distillery. Changing the way you think about spirits.


Established in 2014.

We’re three friends captivated by the social characteristics of alcohol, passionate about building things from the ground up, and fascinated by the complex technicalities of distilling. We have a passion for quality and a desire to create something new and exciting; starting a craft distillery was the natural way to combine those interests.

Meet the Business Owner

Zack R.

(Video) Short Path Distillery - About Us

Business Owner

Zachary In the Spring of 2010 Zachary travelled to Normandy and visited Château d’Englequeville. Standing in the barn of the château and tasting different Calvados and Pommeau Zachary knew then and there he would become a distiller.

Zachary sports a chemistry background, with a masters in organic chemistry from Northeastern University. He worked for several years in the pharmaceutical industry doing research, but Zachary prefered to put his chemistry skills to something that was more fulfilling.

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17 reviews of Short Path Distillery

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Matthew C.

Place rating: 5
Brighton, MA

Very knowledgeable staff and very friendly. I went here on Halloween and they were having a Halloween party that night. If only I had known. We got there and did a couple of samples of their liquors, we followed that up by ordering a couple of drinks from their menu. The gin is VERY smooth. We ended up bringing a bottle home. I know they were looking to expand their product line a little through Christmas and I look forward to my next visit which will be soon.

(Video) Episode # 79 – Craft Distillery Series: Short Path Distillery

Carolyn C.

Place rating: 5
Boston, MA

My goodness, those cocktails are tasty! A quick stop turned into a lovely afternoon/​early evening affair with friends and family. I tried (I couldn’t resist!) several drinks including The Martinez, Good Tidings, and The Voyager — not only are the rum and gin top notch but the cocktail options present a varied and exciting take on the area’s seasonal flavors. We went a tour, played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity, and gave some love to the friendly resident dog, a slightly overweight and incredibly charming Portuguese Water Dog named Weber. Plus, instead of having long-​established bar nuts, they give you little dishes of Goldfish!

Taryn A.

Place rating: 5
Los Angeles, CA

Really fun, and right next to night shift brewing (so bring a DD or Über). Their gin is great, and they are so knowledgeable and give you a free tasting as well. Handcrafted cocktails like this would be 1215 $ at a bar, so great value as well. A bit hard to find. It is down a narrow alley.

Brianna R.

Place rating: 5
Allston, MA

This place is literally amazing. The owners who also run the joint are so nice and fun the hang out with. Bonus: one of owners has the cutest dog ever that sometimes is at the bar. Their gin is delicious and I’m not really a gin drinker. I think by now I’ve tried all of their cocktails and everyone is more delicious then the last. They always have specials which is nice to mix things up. These guys are super hardworking to create a great product so do yourself s favor and stop by!

Amanda C.

Place rating: 1
Somerville, MA

How does this place have 12 five star reviews? How? The staff is friendly, yes. But the product is TERRIBLE. I’ve drank better tasting nail polish remover. This is a company that takes grain alcohol and repackages it as gin after it rests for a few hours in a still. No thank you.

Sarah W.

Place rating: 5
Manhattan, NY

This place. Hands down one of our top must visit spots every time we are in Boston. We were visiting some friends around the area and walked over to this bar. Their rum is pretty strong, so if you aren’t a rum drinker you may not be a fan. But their gin is the best we have ever had. We usually buy at least 3 or so bottles to bring back each time we visit and we have started getting requests from friends and family to bring them some as well.
Their cocktails are spectacular. Hand made. Fresh Ingredients. And always changing and creative combos.
The owners of this place are great. We love hanging out and chatting with them. The distillery pup’s name is Webber and he is the sweetest thing ever. You get goldfish to munch on with your drinks and Webber will do drinks to get one. :)

Marin T.

Place rating: 5
Somerville, MA

Discovered this place fairly accidentally after stopping into Night Shift Brewery, which is just literally around the block. I tend to gravitate toward beer over cocktails, but Short Path won me over with its two fresh products — a gin and a white rum. Stop into the distillery and you can sample both and/​or get a very tasty cocktail while learning all about the products from the knowledgable founders. A fascinating and fun surprise. (Bonus points for a really cool space and free bar snacks in the form of Goldfish)

Justin R.

Place rating: 5
Cambridge, MA

Great local distillery! Their gin is quite good and they have a bunch of cocktails ready to be whipped up for $ 8. Zack, the master distiller, really has a passion for making booze. Make sure to ask for a tour and hear about the converted rubber factory.
I’m looking forward to SPD’s future spirits which are in the works. It’s a also a stones throw from Night Shift Brewery and the climbing gym which makes for quite a day!

Matthew L.

Place rating: 5
Chelsea, MA

Great Staff, Great Drinks, a very «Short Path» from Night Shift. I highly recommend visiting the distillery, it’s always an enjoyable experience whenever I visit.

(Video) Zach Robinson from Short Path Distillery

Carrie L.

Place rating: 5
Chelsea, MA

Excellent distillery in Everett! If you are a fan of gin and rum cocktails this is the place to visit! Wonderful and passionate staff which creates a great atmosphere. One of my favorite spots for a weekend drink!

Adam G.

Place rating: 5
Malden, MA

Some of the best customer service I have ever experienced! The staff here are super friendly and knowledgeable about the product, process and the industry. As someone who knows nothing about distillation I appreciated the experience of visiting Short Path and speaking with the bartenders. Aside from the stills which look super cool the space has a rustic look, feel and even smell to it. The bar itself is made of some kind of a beautiful wood.
Short Path distills rum and gin and you can sample both and order cocktails at the bar.
I am not a gin expert but as someone who loves Bombay Sapphire I thought their Gin blew it away. Very distinct flavors and aromas. The Rum as also very unique in flavor.
For a cocktail I ordered a grapefruit fizz with Gin, Cucumber, Tonic and Grapefruit juice. It was an amazing, refreshing, light tasting drink I would totally recommend. At $ 8 it’s competitive price wise with local bars serving similar (albeit inferior) cocktails.
The staff’s positive attitude was infectious as I found other patrons were more friendly and talkative than people around here usually are. As a customer who is very service oriented I hope this becomes the new trend.

Meaghan A.

Place rating: 5
Chelsea, MA

Wandered over here from Nightshift. We saw a little sign for gin and rum so we had to follow it. Well let me say I’m so glad we did because what a hidden gem! We tried samples of each (free!) and then ordered two cocktails. These guys know there stuff and even though they only offer two spirits they are done extremely well. I recommended the mojito or the strawberry gin drink! Can’t wait to see these guys take off!

Jacob M.

Place rating: 5
Boston, MA

Had a great time here with friends. The drinks were original and very tasty and the atmosphere was cool and inviting (to get more drunk). There was also a dog named Weber roaming around, and she took a liking to me, which made me happy.

Morgan P.

Place rating: 5
Somerville, MA

These guys are fantastic! Cool space to explore and the drinks are awesome. Come support a new local business and check it out.

Traci K.

Place rating: 5
Malden, MA

A+ experience at Short Path distillery. A two minute walk from Night Shift. Super friendly and knowledge staff. Great space. Awesome cocktails and merchandise!
Hopped in on a Saturday afternoon to check it out. Was greeted with a tasting and explanation of their rum and gin. Sampled some great cocktails — one with their house made berry shrub! Light, refreshing and perfect for summer. Goldfish crackers accompany drinks for snacking.
Left with a bottle of each. Looking forward to making Short Path a regular stop and keeping their spirits as staples of my liquor cabinet!

Peter H.

Place rating: 5
Boston, MA

Great experience. Friendly people, nice rustic atmosphere. It’s neat to see the stills while you drink.
Best gin I’ve ever had. The rum is average but not bad. I am excited for their future boutique spirits they will be making in the next year.
Buy some merchandise while you’re there!
I highly recommend going. On weekends they often have a food truck outside or nearby.

Shaina P.

Place rating: 5
Cambridge, MA

Come to the distillery to enjoy a free tour, purchase some merchandise or a pretty bottle of the delicious product, or sip on one of 6 classic cocktails (only $ 8, 3 gin, 3 rum, see photo)!
This old rubber factory has been modified to house this gorgeous gin/​rum distillery, but please take a tour to best understand the process. Despite its size, the capacity is currently at 49. Tough to swallow since it could really take more folks. But the space is welcoming, parking is available, food truck present, bathroom, friendly founders, and as an added perk, is right around the corner from night shift brewery.
Got a friend or family member who loves gin? Celebrate our local entrepreneurs and purchase them a bottle or two! The gin is smooth and very mixable or sippable solo. The rum packs a punch and makes a bold cocktail even more bold! Enjoy!
Best of luck to my pals at Short Path!

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