London is voted Best Food City in the World (2023)


The prestigious National Geographic magazine and the International Consulting Board of Directors, Resonance Consultancy, have unveiled their list of cities with the best culinary experience.

London tops the list of 21 cities being named the "best food city in the world"followed by foodie destinations Tokyo and Seoul. See the top 10 rankings below.

According to the jury, the famous Borough Market, the Hand and Flowers - a two-star pub in the Michelin Guide - and the fish and chips at the Golden Hind are, among other things, all contribute to the charm of the British capital.

Elsewhere in the listare few surprises with New York, Paris and Barcelona making the top 10. Interestingly Dubai also squeezes in at no.10 - a city in which many high profile chefs been channelling their recent energies with chefs like Massimo Bottura setting up shop.

The National Geographic magazine has released the 21 Best Food Cities in the World

Best Food Cities in the World

1. London (UK)
2. Tokyo (Japan)
3. Séoul (South Korea)
4. Paris (France)
5. New York (US)
6. Rome (Italy)
7. Bangkok (Thailand)
8. San Paulo (Brazil)
9. Barcelona (Spain)
10. Dubaï

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